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Hollyoaks Spoilers Round Up w/c 13th May 2019 (Jarry)

Fans have been shouting for months for more Jarry, more Harry and in general more Nightingale goodness. The powers that be have answered but as expected there is never a dull moment in Soaptopia.

Audiences recently saw James purchase a new car for his one true love Harry but like a sly DM in slides Romeo assuming the car was for him. A tad presumptuous considering not a nano soap second earlier he was proclaiming his hatred for James. The shiny bright red Alfa Romeo is about to become an unofficial cast member!

During the week of the 13th May we have drama unfolding on numerous fronts. Harry conversing with an unknown individual, borrowing money from James, arranging secret meetings, said car being stolen, a potentially deadly hit and run and a shocking arrest!

Just what have the writers and producers brought to Jarry’s doorstep?!

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